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Ushuaïa nature

“In the land of Black Pharaohs”

( directed by Bernard Guerrini )

Saturday 27 September 2003, by SFDAS

Nicolas Hulot goes up the Nile as part of a caravan and turns the pages of the history of the region. We first discover Meroe, the necropolis of the Black Pharaohs, where 200 pyramids have been restored stone by stone by the German architect Friedrich Hinkel. Ushuaïa goes further in the heart of the country and meets a population of farmers and animal breeders that live at the foot of the Nuba mountains. In Napata, one of the most ancient capitals of the Nubian kings, Nicolas Hulot is initiated to Meroitic writing of which the language has not yet been deciphered. A Swiss archaeological mission then reveals its discoveries that shed light on a mysterious aspect of the lives of Black Pharaohs.