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Routes de l’Orient

Tuesday 18 September 2018, by SFDAS

The third Hors-Série of “Routes de l’Orient” on French archeology in Sudan is available, in partnership with the SFDAS.

You can view / download it below, or by following this link for an HD version: https://rdorient.hypotheses.org/641

This Hors-Série is published under the direction of Gabrielle CHOIMET and Marc MAILLOT.

In summary:

Vincent Francigny, In Nubia, France and Sudan in the service of a universal heritage

Emma Maines, Pascal Sellier and Olivier Langlois, Revisiting a funerary ensemble of the Sudanese Neolithic: Kadruka Cemetery 18 (J. Reinold excavations)

Séverine Marchi, Recent discoveries on the site of Doukki Gel: the fortifications of the Kerma period

Marc Maillot, A Breadcrumb: The Cellular Platforms (Sudan, Egypt, Levant)

Gabrielle Choimet, Meroitic Habitat and Urbanism in Nubia and Central Sudan: state of play, news and lack of research

Elsa Yvanez, Dress in Djebel Adda. New Perspectives of Research on Cultural Identity in Meroitic Nubia

Faïza Drici, The white weapons of the Kerma era: to fight or to adorn oneself? Essay typology of daggers and swords of the kingdom of Kush

Olivier Cabon, History and civilizations of Sudan, from prehistory to the present day