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Egyptian ceramics in ancient Sudan

Wednesday 30 May 2018, by SFDAS

This volume combines the results of different researches undertaken on Egyptian and Mediterranean ceramics unearthed in Sudan as well as studies on the influences that such material had on the local Sudanese production from the Middle Kingdom up to the end of medieval times. Such topics foster reflections on themes such as exchanges between Egypt and Sudan and their fluctuations on the long term, and the transfer of know-how in the course of their common history. So far essentially addressed from an Egyptian point of view, these issues are here enriched by the contribution of recent excavations conducted in Nubia, on the outskirts of the fourth Cataract, in central Sudan and in the desert areas. This book presents a first synthesis of the material of still poorly documented regions and on a theme that will interest both the specialists of Egyptian and Nubian studies.

IF1164, ISBN 9782724707199
2018 IFAO
Collection: CCE 11
1 vol., 352 p.