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Fondation Michela Schiff-Giorgini

Wednesday 1 July 2015, by SFDAS

Michela Schiff Giorgana Foundation was created in 1984 to commemorate the Italian researcher whose name it bears. Michela Schiff Giorgana 1923 - 1977 has devoted most of her career to archaeological research, mainly in Sudan. From 1957 to 1977 she conducted on behalf of the University of Pisa excavations of the Temple of Soleb whose publication was completed in 2003 with the publication of Volume III , IV and V. She has also worked on the site of Sedeinga.
Michela Schiff Giorgini has always sought to promote Egyptology as a multidisciplinary science.

According to this vision, the goal of Michela Schiff Giorgini Foundation is to support a wide range of projects; it funds programs whose objectives are varied and help Egyptologists around the world in the execution of works that engage all aspects of Egyptology.

As such, the SFDAS had the chance to get the Michela Schiff Giorgini Foundation Prize to support the publishing project of neolithic site of El- Ghaba by Dr. Usai and S. Salvatori at the editions of SFDAS / Africa Magna ( Journal of African Archaeology).