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Fondation Michela Schiff-Giorgini

The SFDAS is pleased to announce his appointment in 2015 Foundation Michela Schiff - Giorgini Prize. The funds will be dedicated to the final publication of the Neolithic site of El- Ghaba directed by Dr. Usai and S. Salvatori at the editions of SFDAS / Africa Magna ( Journal of African Archaeology).

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Claude Iverné-Fondation HCB Le jury de la Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson à Paris a attribué le Prix HCB 2015 au photographe français Claude Iverné pour son projet « Photographies soudanaises, le (...)
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ASN The six volumes of the Archaeological Survey of Nubia are now available online.
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SNR The Sudan Notes and Records are now available online.
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RCK The five volumes of the Royal Cemeteries of Kush are now available online. Please click on the following files to download.
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Soleb & Sedeinga

SFDAS is pleased to propose this new online booklet on the Soleb and Sedeinga sites.
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